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In the nineteen report, the Secretary General Xi Jinping said: there is no high cultural self-confidence, no cultural prosperity, there is no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As general secretary Xi Jinping said, our cultural confidence, not only from the Chinese nation has a long history from the life and growth in nature, all the outstanding literary works of Chinese nation 5000 years of culture and the creation of these works of art you.

An era an era of literature and art, a time when there is a spirit of the times. When the 40 anniversary of the reform and opening up, carries on the protection and inheritance of the fine traditional culture of reverence, 138479.xyz launched financial media "art columns witness tribute 40 years of reform and opening up, talk about" cultural experience, inviting 40 years since the reform and opening up China contemporary the most representative cultural arts, sharing art exploration the art and thought of the road feeling, expression is the most poetic on the development of 40 years of reform and opening up, showing through emotion, temperature, heritage of the people, highlighting the art era of beauty, beauty, faith lofty beauty.

Interview with Li Xuejian: cherish the "actor" name

The Mid Autumn Festival, we went to Shandong The sky is clear and bright., Qufu, chairman of Chinese Film Association, with the famous performing artist Li Xuejian. On the screen he is the first man, Jiao Yulu, is a diligent and kind-hearted song Dacheng, still think Song Jiang domineering...... Off screen he is an ordinary actor, neat and plain blouse, not the chest of the red flag badge shining.
Forty years of reform and opening up, Li Xuejian with superb acting, will be a new role in the audience in mind, the same, he is on the "actor" the title of the treasure, is his attitude towards acting strict in demands. In the reform and opening up forty...... [more]

1978 years of reform and opening up to today 40, I was also an actor for 40 years. It can be said that I was the beneficiaries of reform and opening up, as well as a participant. But the witness, I think I can't talk about. To say the beneficiaries, the most intuitive display, it is my life now than my parents a lot better.

The beginning of reform and opening up, Chinese film industry can be said to have experienced the "Renaissance", with the liberation of the thought, there are many excellent works. But with the deepening of reform and opening up, foreign culture also caused some impact on the US, after entering the new century, slowly rising, why? Because of the cultural art began to usher in prosperity and development, gradually formed the scale until now.

Serving the people wholeheartedly is the purpose of our party, I played Jiao Yulu and Yang Shanzhou, they are in their respective positions for the people's well-being, devote their time. I'm an actor, the outstanding member of the Communist Party's life story, introduce them to the audience, this is my duty.

I said, with character and audience friends, is my lifelong pursuit. Some actors fame without self expansion, the social environment also provides them expansive soil; there are some works of the audience while watching scolded, scolded side while also earning creators. As the creative staff, I also reflect on. All in all, we still have to try, the film and television works from various aspects is made, more is not easy to make the film more excellence.

The artist is the engineer of human soul, this is our greatest encouragement and recognition. As artists, we must have a sense of responsibility. The actors in this occupation and other occupation, also entrusted with the glorious mission of building the country, serve the people.

General Secretary Xi told our literary and art workers should become the era atmosphere Illuminatis, pioneer, first advocate. I will try to start from their own, try not to discredit this occupation, this is also a responsibility. So we should not only grasp their own, thank you very much for the time we created.

Whether it is drama or movie and TV drama, all belong to the collective creation, your character is successful, and the director, screenwriter, the entire cast efforts are inseparable, is a whole team of people deeply rooted in life, people come to creation.

I think he is a happy person, this road is not easy, since that is very hard. From the beginning of a general ordinary farmer EVA, the central army, factories and mines, the second artillery, and then in the empty years, finally transferred to the National Theatre, until today, I cherish the time. What I have, are comrades, Comrades give me, give me the society and audience, which makes me feel very happy.

In the forty years of reform and opening up process, China development, I is a beneficiary, but also the participants, not a spectator, an outsider, I am willing to do a dream on the road to achieve Chinese a hard stone.

On this day, the breeze blowing, blue skies, we sat on the high-speed train, a road to the south, two hours after arriving in Qufu, to visit here in the Mid Autumn Festival Party famous film artist Li Xuejian. No snow healthy teacher assistant, everything themselves, sick after listening and voice as before, we worry about the inconvenience associated, they asked an old friend of his help with our reception.

Two in the afternoon, we came to the hotel, the snow healthy teacher had been waiting in the cafe, to see us, face with smile, this smile let us sweep the journey exhausted. He waved to us, while walking briskly. Shake hands, in turn, he thought......