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In a profound experience in basic drama written decades of writing is: only by their own theme, can move the audience, only write the realm of thought, new era, to be loved by the audience


I engaged in the drama writing work for nearly 40 years. Since the first drama, historical drama has always been my preference. Why are the historical theme? Now, not only because I is famous for historical drama, but because I love the history of childhood. When in 60s the last century high school, "historical research" I must read publication. My hometown is Fujian County of Xianyou Province, where the spread of ancient drama puxianxi, I grew to love, and how many life lessons from traditional opera. I just graduated from college, was assigned to the county writers group, a predecessor of the king heard about the story by Dun rebellion. This story triggered my interest, so I use it as a blueprint in "Xintinglei", but then won the first outstanding screenwriting award. After that, the creation of historical plays have become the main direction of me, so far has written 22 historical drama. I always have such a purpose: whether the optional subject or invitation to write, I never just written, the story must appeal to me, let me have a strong interest in creative passion, will be pleased mingbi. This is my profound experience in grassroots drama written decades: must write touch your theme, if they are not touched, how to move the audience and attract the audience?

I have been to the Ming Dynasty bonobos disorderly problem, because the biggest battle Qi army fight against Japanese pirates in hit my hometown Xianyou. I live now is the ancient battlefield thathappened fierce battle, the "Eighteen war" and "war of nine" five hundred "tail" wash "the headless ridge" this several names, has said it is thrilling; "the second exploration of death day" and "white," spring "fifth make bigger" such as occurred in the bonobos disorderly during the period of the special phenomenon, has already evolved into the custom of Xian visitors. Therefore, when I accidentally discovered a few years ago in the Jiajing period of Ming Dynasty Ningbo students had on a raft floating sea pirates amnesty leader Wang Zhi story, immediately triggered thinking: if the scourge of Zhaofu success, southeast coast of the Japanese who died not for many years? Ming Jiajing forty-one November, Putian, Xianyou people are immersed in the joy of the Spring Festival to moment, suddenly two Japanese invasion, the city was sacked, tens of thousands of people were killed, thousands of houses were destroyed, thousands of corpses and mourn...... So I have to write a play impulse, soon to write "sea floating Solitary Hill".

Review the history of drama creation course, another big feeling is only write the realm of thought, works to be a popular new era. I wrote "Fu Shan Beijing", not to praise him against the Qing Dynasty, but he called on independent personality highlights. I wrote "Yu Chenglong", is not a simple Song Lian Li, but he was fired after writing, still has the Literati Spirit, the courage to accept the Commission to handle civil governor of dongshan. Rational perspective, Yu Chenglong advised Fu is beneficial for people to move! So, I wrote "Yu Chenglong" Jinju has a distinct personality will conform to no conventional pattern.

Write the historical drama but also good at art of fiction. Three years ago, Shaanxi opera Mingdan Qi Aiyun invited me to the youngan Jing Wubao businesswoman Zhou Ying as the prototype drama written. After the historical records of Zhou Ying to Ci Xi donated 50 ounces of silver, two people had all night long talk, I am interested in is exactly why Zhou Ying wanted to donate money? All night long talk talked about what? Can on the basis of bold art of fiction? I searched for the historical data, found the same time another historical figure, as the Shaanxi reform school leader Liu Guan school scholar Ben and Kang Youwei was light, and said "the Nankang Bei liu". "After the failure of the reform movement of 1898", Liu Guangben is regarded as "Kang party" leather to mountain long post, Ci Xi will order to arrest Liu Guangben fled in the west, in order to protect their own safety? Zhou Ying is going to rescue Liu Guangben and try to see the empress? One may have around this incident? This conjecture is not a basis for the history of Weakness lends wings to rumours., but. Zhou Ying helped Liu Guangben school books, her advanced business philosophy was due to aesthetics and Liu Guangben's reform thought. Thought here, I was overjoyed, Si Quan Yong, quickly write opera historical drama "in the Aria", created by Zhou Ying opera art image of business English prototype.

The creation of historical drama and history books, wrote the play cannot do without historians provide historical facts, but also to play a rich artistic imagination in the historical basis. Historians focus on the "thing", focusing on "writers"; historians focus on "history", the writer focuses on the "play"; historians focuses on "real", focusing on "heart"; the writers historians on "truth", focusing on "love"; the historian writer focuses on "straight", focusing on "song writer". By Fu Shan's words, "the best song writers. The song is folded; play pushed more physical, play more true, more plot twists and turns, the characters more distinctive, play to more good-looking," which is half true half false is the situation, have a ready pen".


Zheng Huaixing, born in 1948, Fujian Xianyou people, a national writer. The representative of the historical drama "Xintinglei" "Lin Zexu", "Fu Shan" Beijing "in both" "sea" floating Solitary Hill "Ji Kang", the modern drama "Tuogu" Pearl "ugly duck biography", published "opera writers on" theory and practice "Zheng Huaixing complete works". One of the first to enjoy the special government allowance granted by the State Council, won the national outstanding screenwriting awards, five award, the Ministry of culture Chinese Wenhua award, Cao Yu prize for drama screenplay award.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 24 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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