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In November 2018 09, 04:52 source: People's daily

In the field of literature literature periodical changes, should set up the initiative to contact the new media awareness, dynamic positioning and reconstruction of writers and readers, "more possibility of exhibition literature


Just past October, the famous literary magazine "October" in a series of theme activities to celebrate its 40 birthday. Founded in 1978, "October", is the first published in the new period and long short stories, reportage, poetry, prose, comment on large-scale literature publication of all kinds of styles, in literary journals and publishers have been the "harvest" "contemporary" "flowers" and enjoy the "four famous" reputation. The history of contemporary literature many masterpieces like Zhang Chengzhi "North River", "tie the red shirt without buttons," Zhang Xianliang "green tree", Li Cunbao "under mountain garland", first appeared in the "October", it is no wonder that some people will be the forty set called "new era literature Chinese a microcosm".

This is not the exclusive privilege of "October".

Not long ago, sponsored by the Chinese writers "Selected Novels" magazine's "40 years of reform and opening up 40 of the most influential novels" release, the dust settles "" ancient ship "" ordinary world "and other works on the list, and behind these works stands for having heard it many times is a public literary journal figure. To find out the related work activities of primary publications, wear cover, yellow pages, simple binding, it is this one with a mark in the literary journal, and a look at reading, new classical and contemporary literature Chinese lifts people.

As the researchers said, the contemporary literature periodical is the contemporary literature history of the draft in a sense. Pay attention to Chinese contemporary literature, literary journals can not ignore the influence on literature and shaping, and focus on the literary journal, it can not ignore the fluctuation and transformation of it in the 40 years of experience. Today is very difficult to imagine, "contemporary" circulation was once as high as 60 million, that is the lack of cultural life, literature was Zhongxingpengyue high up the product of the times, but also high light moment of literary journals. With the acceleration of the market process, people's cultural life has become increasingly prosperous, cultural unprecedented diversity, literature is no longer the focus position, the literary journal sense of crisis is also grow with each passing day. Therefore only the last century 90s literary journal correcting tide: raging like a storm or break the traditional "four dishes and one soup", set in part a new ISO, or expand the literature extension, go "great literature" route, or rely on distinctive literary views, writing slogans to lead coquettish...... The market Cuilian bring literature periodical update circle.

Since the new century, relying on a strong new media for the development of the Internet brings more than a round of market impact to the literary journal. The throughput of the network literature literature is astonishing, different peak bulges, literary boundary is constantly challenging, more and more works across journals, direct spread on the Internet, or in book form to do more targeted marketing, to "discover" the new literature brings difficulty; out of their money, each brand, in the spread of power, exposure and reading rate, there is no advantage to the literary journal, "cohesion" writers bring difficulty; on 80s through century cultivated by traditional literature readers increasingly aging and losing a generation of young readers, educational level, aesthetic pursuit and reading habits are very different, yet effective link establishment and journals, readers bring difficulty for the periodical "arrival".

At the same time, it is undeniable that the literature, literature, APP electronic magazine, theme WeChat public amateur writing groups emerge in an endless stream, people still need to grow with each passing day obviously literature, literature also did not leave. In this context, "October" to a "forum of international literary journal design literature -- world literature production" in journals as the center of the end of 40th anniversary as the memorial activities, it is meaningful. The so-called design literature, is the embodiment of the literature to regain the guide direction, create literary trend of literary aspirations, but in a new cultural ecology and literary empire. When literature is no longer monolithic, but no overflow edge, eyes that border, will decide how to act on how literature literature, how to position itself will decide what will be as.

The vivid scene of literature to remind us to do today is not to defend the literary journal, but to activate the literary journal, "attack" is the best defense "". As many editors have said, from literary journals to the new media literature consciousness transformation in literature has changed the times, establish more active consciousness of media awareness. Literary periodicals is the epitome of the development of literature, the miniature does not mean that the simple stereotype of the selected works, it should be actively involved in the dynamic, conscious, and can jump on the creation of artery stroke, can appear on the prospect of literary trends observed, can express distinct literary views and literary judgment. Each literary journal, as a fresh "Literature Exhibition", in a variety of possibilities once again exploit literature. This is an ideal state, not that the foundation of literary journals in the change of literary scene, with the dynamic contact location reconstruction and new writers, and readers, and literature, the initiative to "design" literature conscious "create" readers, so that it can truly become the literature today the origin and future of literature.

"People's Daily" (09 November 2018 24 Edition)
(Cao Kun Chang, commissioning editor: Malaysia)

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