"Voice into the hearts of people" strength circle, powder bel canto ground air audience can not calm down.

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09 November 2018, 09:18 source: Guangzhou daily
Original title: Bel Canto ground air viewers can not calm down

In the low key, the music variety "entering the hearts of the people" is an innovation of Hunan satellite TV once again following the music city.

With "elegant music" and "Bel canto singing" as the main form, the sound of "entering the hearts of the people" has sprung up, and the "fire" has been somewhat unexpected. The first stage of the program has reached the top of the audience, and the audience has scored 8.9 points in word of mouth.

In the program, 36 young male bel canto dedicate the audience's performance as "fairy fight", which has changed many audiences' impression of bel canto. In an interview with reporters yesterday in Changsha, the program group revealed the criteria for selecting these young singing artists, and the program tried to narrow the distance between the audience and the bel canto and the musicals from the distribution of the producer to the details of the program, so that the audience could better appreciate the art of "elegant but not too cold".

Program feedback

Audience: fresh music experience

"Freshness" is the biggest feeling for the audience in the first phase of "entering the heart". Yesterday, reporters watched the second episode of the program in Changsha. The second phase of the program continues to be "fresh". Lu Yupeng, Li Wenbao, and so on, who have never had any performance experience, are all surprised by the unique voice. The two musicals, Zheng Yunlong and Ayun GA, are making the audience feel the unique charm of the vocal music.

According to the program group, there will also be a reality show segment in the next program, and the ensemble that audiences expect will also be shown. "It will bring fresh music experience to TV viewers".

After the first phase of the program, the voice of the people has received good feedback on many social platforms. Up to now, the network score is as high as 8.9.

According to the program group, these members of the "voice entering the hearts of the people" are from world-renowned music schools including Berkeley conservatory, Julia conservatory, Ukraine Lviv National Conservatory of music, China Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music and Shanghai Conservatory Of Music. And all of them are highly talented students. In the face of the "three high" singing members with both high face value, high academic qualifications and high quality, the audience said: "no way to calm down."

In addition, whether Cai Chengyu is a minute 9 high C, or Liao Jialin beat dolphin sound, or high sky crane coloratura treble has been heated discussions by netizens. The most talked about is the attention of the program to bel canto, "I didn't expect bel canto to be so pleasant." Many viewers believe that "entering the heart" has changed their cognition of "Bel Canto". "Bel Canto can also be so pleasant to hear, and a variety of listens are also felt."

Today, this program has also been the concern of the industry. Chen Xiaoduo, a lyrical coloratura soprano, told reporters yesterday: "this program has been fried in our circle, and everyone is very concerned about it. Hunan satellite TV has made pop music very advanced. It can make classical music very fashionable. How to make contemporary fusion and contemporary exploration of classical music in China is very worthy of recognition and praise for the whole cultural market.

Creative interview

Producer Liao Changyong: let us know that bel canto is not "out of reach".

As a producer, Liao Changyong, Shang Wenjie and Henry Lau expressed their intention to participate in the program at the beginning of the program, hoping to make more people understand that bel canto is not far away.

Liao Changyong said, "I just want to let you know that bel canto is not so far away from the program, so that more viewers can understand what bel canto is." Even when communicating with Henry Lau, Liao Changyong used bel canto to pronounce popular science. Shang Wenjie also said: "in music, we have expectations for the new form. We hope that through the program, there will be a new form of music." Henry Lau, who was studying violin from childhood, said: "I hope we can combine classical music with pop music."

In the program, Liao Changyong's professional and in place comments were well received by the audience. But there are also voices of doubt that Shang Wenjie and Henry Lau seem to be "not persuasive enough" in the position of producers. In response, the program director general Ren responded that "this program does not emphasize our" most professional ". We are just doing the communication between elegant music and the public. We do not expect to become the best and the best match, so we hope to invite people who have audience perspective. Just now, Shang Wenjie has a keen sense of touch in exploring new people, and she has the strength to make new things. For Henry Lau, his understanding of life is based on "yearning for life". In fact, when he was 6 years old, he began to learn violin and classical music. He accumulated very deep in classical music and studied classical music all the time. The two producers and Mr. Liao Changyong will be the most tacit combination, and their mutual recognition is very high, which is complementary to each other's difficulties.

Director: strive to "younger" the program.

Yesterday, the director of the "voice into the heart" Program Director Ren Yang accepted an exclusive interview with reporters. Speaking of the concept of programming, Ren Yang said, "I hope that the voice will enter the hearts of the people" to eliminate the public's misunderstanding of refined music. In the way of production, program design is "young".

Trying to eliminate the misunderstanding of Bel Canto by audiences.

Ren Yang admitted that when he put forward the idea of the program, everyone would worry about the problem of viewing. "But I think this question is also an opportunity -- it is because we have misunderstood bel canto that we need a program to eliminate misunderstanding."

However, in fact, the program is not only bel canto, but also a variety of concepts such as opera, musicals, classical music, elegant music and so on, which makes the audience curious. What kind of music does the program want to promote? Ren Yang said: "what we do is a fusion tone, which focuses on the singing of both the bel canto and the musicals. Based on the form of TV programs, simply accepting bel canto or musicals, audience acceptance is not necessarily so high. Therefore, the program has the sense of affinity to the musical works, the thickness of the bel canto, and the form of fusion music, so that the harmonious voice can be combined, and the result is very reasonable.

The singer should sing well and face high.

The sound of entering the heart gives the audience three high impressions. There are rumors on the Internet that the program has eliminated many "sorry" players during the audition. This sounds rather cruel. The program group acknowledged that there are two basic criteria for selecting candidates.

Ren Yang revealed that during a few months of sea election time, the program group went to the famous Conservatory of music in many large cities of the country, "dug up these people", then went to the opera house in the big city, plus the Shanghai International Maritime election. The standard of selecting a candidate is "the first thing to do is to sing well, this is the most basic." In addition to singing well, the color value can not be low. "This is what the audience loves."

The members of the program show several familiar faces, such as Li Qi and Zhou Shen, who have participated in "good voice of China", and have participated in Wang Xi, the singer. Ren Yang revealed that this cooperation with Li Qi was incidental and casual. "Li Qi university is studying bel canto. When we met with other artists, he was just there. We hit it off." He believes that the program has these "famous" singers to participate, but it is a good thing, "I thank Li Qi, Zhou Shen and Wang Xi these singers, they put down the aura, came to the program, with their wings shine on other people."

Answering the question of program form

On the production, the program has tried a lot of pop music attempts and popular music attempts. For example, some singers sang Karen Mok's "slowly like you" and Jay Chou's "blue and white porcelain" with classical bel canto, and the audience will feel refreshing about such an adaptation. In addition, "the 36 members of the whole package, the director spent a lot of effort."

The program will enhance the audience's understanding through the way of some late flowering characters to enhance the audience's understanding of the popular science bel canto singing method. In addition, some professional comments of Mr. Liao Changyong on the program site will be released online as a tidbit. Teacher Liao Jialin will also do educational propaganda work, such as explaining to the audience what high C is through a small piece of flowers.

Some viewers believe that the "chief" and "alternate" seats chosen for the program are similar to some online variety shows. In this regard, Ren Yang said: "the mechanism we use is the mechanism that the music and opera industry has always had. A corner and B corner are the chief and substitute. In fact, as musicals and opera performers, competition in everyday life is very cruel. Of course, there are still many ways that young people like to program packaging.

(Editor: Zou Jing, Wu Yaxiong)

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