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Original title: critics want to write novels, writer class

Jing Ze Li

Zhang Ning

Yun Lei Li

Li Jingze, Li Tuo, Wu Liang, Zhang Ning, Li Yunlei, and other critics like Yu Kexun discussed like, have recently published their new novel. Last year, Liang Hong and Fang Wei have also launched a work of fiction, this is the signal to switch to the collective critics? Critics write novels, is a return to the tradition, or momentary excitement, no matter what, this is an interesting phenomenon.

Put down the burden of thinking in Novels

Literary critic, Beijing Normal University professor Zhang Ning did a great job in the past two years, he wrote his first novel "city", fiction excerpts recently published in the "contemporary" magazine.

Zhang Ning said that this year, he accompanied his young hero Gu Mingdi, to live again in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, "I told him about and angry with him and ill treatment, together with him and correcting mistakes." The growth in this "80" the history of the novel, Zhang Ning spread a spirit of metropolis map, contains encyclopedic sketch social text, more sincere face narrative dilemma and value choice.

Gu Mingdi lives in the novel world, he does not know, a critic wrote him behind the original with lofty literary aspirations. Zhang Ning said, China literature in twenty-first Century with great achievements, but not many typical characters, the lack of Tolstoy's Anna Karenina, Andre, Pierre such a figure, such as the shape of the Sun Shaoan character Lu Yao rarely, "I wrote this novel is to want to return to the traditional realism, one is the ability to restore the story the two is to create characters." Zhang Ning said that the characters themselves under the pen should act like a lightning rod, all the energy and spirit temperament absorption times, is a generation.

But it has been difficult to implement literary aspirations. In June last year, Zhang Ning or even a month can not write a word, every day sitting in front of the computer, in the face of hundreds of thousands of written words, every day till the end, but has been unable to advance the plot reason. Gu Mingdi after graduation, to a business office, and from the enterprise job hopping to the newspaper in the newspaper, but he hit, when ready to turn, is to return to Shanghai or to Guangzhou, or to continue to go in Beijing, so that the author has thought of everything. Finally, Zhang Ning zhaolaizhaoqu, or let the hero back to the university is more reasonable. "This encounter difficulties in writing, there are many authors will rush to push forward, but in fact I think it is to wait quietly."

"Critics write a novel, easy to self expansion, they used to bring their strong ideological novels, a very important reason is that critics failed to write novels." Zhang Ning said that critics write novels must be put on the cloak, do not run in front of the reader, "what I do is squatting below, my character up."

With the wind to dry the circle of writers creation

"As a contemporary people, every one of us living in the tight social division of labor system, in addition to individual professional things too little is known about this greatly limits our flying on social understanding and operation system based on the imagination, it is difficult to have a true master." In the opinion of the critic Li Yunlei, the critic of cross-border novels, though still confined to literature, although we do not expect to become Lu Xun, Tolstoy as an encyclopedic writer, but this is a valuable attempt.

In fact, this group of people to write novels have changed the existing literature ecological ambition, they think that most writers are staring at the daily chores, so want to write small household affairs, also make a sample".

Trying to restore the traditional realism, Zhang Ning is not a personal choice, critic Li Tuo wrote "finger" to be everywhere and modernist writing habits back to. Because he wanted to "back to nineteenth Century", the real life is written in vivid like Tolstoy, make the daily life full of visible and audible, can touch the texture, and the "restore" writing characters' traditional novels".

Li Yunlei's novel "goodbye," he, is a writing of hometown and childhood. "Now many writers wrote the hometown and childhood, was written more of the hatred and resentment of the hometown, this work is easy to write profound or shocking." He said this with him for his hometown and childhood feel different, and he also at that time the feeling is different, "I try to write their own true feelings of hometown and childhood in the novel, naturally wrote love and beauty, love and beauty is very difficult to write, even it is very difficult to make people. The letter, only truly feel, with a sincere attitude to write, can make people feel."

Professor, the College of Soochow University and press critic Fang Wei just signed a contract of historical novels, he will complete a historical novel in three or four years, and his more than 20 short stories in the historical novels in the end of this year will be published. The real great writing historical fiction, also have the clear demands of their own, he said because many writers abandoned the history and ambition, so most of the positions have been let in the network writers, he wants to change the status quo. In addition, these years, the circle of writers deeply by the new historical writing, many works are going to Yao Xueyin "Li Zicheng" in that way, these works mostly rely on imagination, and some are even fabrications, away from the history itself. "I see China historical novels more and more dissatisfied, but because of my own research work, have access to a large number of historical data, so I started a try."

The real love is great Japanese writer of historical writing, they China history theme mining is amazing, like Inoue Yasushi, Asada Jiro, Mian water, even with partial data, but they wrote historical novels than history and also rigorous, also written in very good, which brings inspiration to the real wei. In fact, with the view of writing, the real great historical novel "heroic age" once available attention.

Critics write novels not "immunity"

"Critics write novels, can let the critics and creative community better understand each other better, forming a virtuous circle, and even has the potential to create a unique style of" fiction critics', this is a literature phenomenon worthy of attention." Li Yunlei said.

In the opinion of Li Yunlei, the novelist and critic of the partition boundaries so clearly, perhaps is a condition of our era, the era of a syndrome in the last century in 80s the concept of "pure literature" under the influence, and now it is time to reverse. October Beijing art publishing house editor Han Jingqun thought of "thousands of exercises and then Xiao sound, view thousand swords then knows this sentence, he said there are many ancient outstanding writers are first-class critics, such as Du Fu, Su Shi, Liu Zongyuan etc.. Beijing Normal University Professor, literary critic Zhang Li also believes that "critics write novels this matter is very normal, the so-called" circle "is man-made, comments are well written, literary history is well written, such as Lu Xun, Mao Dun and other There are plenty of people who." Zhang Li read Zhu Ziqing's academic writing, which makes her again aware of the different writing is the same, the so-called "circle" but we are in prison.

Zhang Li said, you really admire those who write novels critics, because they work on time, personnel understand particular thinking depth, which is obviously the critic. But Han Jingqun believes that critics write novels challenges are great, they are well informed, clear writing, where the trap where temptation, it will bring them psychological oppression, make writing become jittery.

Han Jingqun cautioned, "critics write fiction readers no immunity, not for them to see a high or low look, no matter what, or to return to the work itself." In this regard, the critic Zhang Dinghao agrees, exactly how to write the critics, not circles has the final say, no lively circle of friends for a while, finally depends on the reader's response.

Zhang Dinghao also had little to worry about, "the novel critics look too important, this is also a problem." He noted that many wrote poems, written comments, are thought to write novels can prove that he is a writer.

(commissioning editor Zou Jing and Wu Yaxiong)

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