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Original title: Remembrance master Jin Yong: Great swordsman Wen Runruyu

Our reporter Zhang Jianxing (China Newspaper Association)

In May 2001, the best season in Tianjin, 77 year old Mr Jin Yong and his wife to visit Tianjin. The purpose of this trip: one is Mr. appointed professor at Nankai University, the two is to visit his old friend, the famous mathematician Mr. Chen Shengshen.

Thanks to Hou Zixin, vice president of Nankai University President Chen Hong's invitation, I as distinguished professor of Nankai University, Mr. Jin Yong and Mr. Chen Shengshen attended a private dinner. This is really for life thanks to: one is my daughter and I are diehard powder, I see Master warrior; two is Mr. Chen Shengshen is a crown of the world masters meet, mathematician, hutch Nankai, how touching scene!

At dusk, the South Pearl Yajing Park, sitting in a wheelchair 90 year old mathematician and distinguished journalist, literary people again. See the long-awaited Mr. Chen Shengshen, Mr. Jin Yong leaned over, holding his hand, said: "you are very good!" Mr. Jin Yong's voice is a kind gentle, soft and warm voice may have to. This is what I admire the great swordsman, rain, gently, warm here.

 Figure 1

In May 27, 2001, the author (front left) accompanied Jin Yong in the Tianjin Daily editorial department to visit.

Mr. Jin Yong and Mr. Chen Shengshen are decades old friends. In early 1964, he hosted Jin Yong in "Ming Pao" published Chen Shengshen's article "learn forty years", great influence at home and abroad. Can feel, from the initial to the dinner, friends meet more emotionally. Mr. Chen Shengshen asked Mr. Jin Yong is Zhejiang Jiaxing people, Jin Yong said he was in Haining, Haining now belongs to Jiaxing. Mr. Chen is very happy smile, pointing to Jin Yong to say: "you are my little fellow!" After that, the two masters to say to language, cordial conversation, but Mr. Chen has just established a mathematical research center of the topic, is talking about Jin Yong and martial arts arena. I did not expect, the 90 year old math everyone but also a gold powder, many questions: Xiao Feng, Guo Jing, Wei Xiaobao he, Zhang Wuji...... And Yang Guo and Helen of Troy in the bottom plot again unfeeling.

Chen Shengshen told Jin Yong to have a full set of Jin Yong's works in his collection of books, including "The Legendary Swordsman" is Jin Yong in Hongkong personally gave him. Talking to Chen Shengshen said, his most love "Legend of the Condor Heroes" in Huang Rong. I asked why Mr. Chen's love Huang Rong, Mr. Jin Yong understandingly smiled and said: "I'm the characters in the novel, Huang Rong is the most understand it, is a mathematician in martial arts." Hear this explanation, Mr. Chen Shengshen laughed loudly. Mr. Chen Shengshen explained why love novels of Jin Yong, he believes that martial arts and mathematics is the same at the highest level. In fact, mathematics is an art, is a matter of mind and intelligence knowledge, is difficult to reach the realm of Jin Yong's martial arts novels contain highly aesthetic and philosophical connotation, and the mathematics is interlinked. Mr. Chen also blame Mr. Jin Yong Guo Jingfu and written martyrdom, leaving only yet the monk. Mr. Jin Yong after listen to even say sorry, sorry.

Warm laughter, two masters of devotion and immersed in expression, and a philosophy of conversation, touching and admiration. I am intoxicated. Master meet each other very modest, admired, casual talk show celebrity style and magnanimity.

 Figure 2

In May 26, 2001, Jin Yong and the famous mathematician Chen Shengshen met at the Nankai University.

Mr. Jin Yong is a polite, gentle, quiet, sincere is the Buddha of the University. Just on the junior high school daughter than I have iron powder, Mr. arrived in Tianjin in the evening, she had a fever of 39 degrees, determined to meet Master, did not think the master agreed. After the daughter bowed, Mr. Jin Yong initiative, said: "the little girl, we had a shadow, liugejinian." I remember Mr. eyes, full of kindness and affection and kindness.

When I was in Tianjin daily chief editor, in addition to Mr Jin Yong's obsession with martial arts novels, more respect for his experience and identity of journalists. I always think that he and Mr. Fan Changjiang are the most prominent contemporary descendants of their common characteristics of Ta Kung Pao. Patriotism and the pursuit of truth. Mr. know my identity after very excited, said in a plane to see the "Tianjin daily", "this is a standard newspaper, comment on personality and taste, especially is Mr Chen Shengshen and Professor Zhang Guangyin won the prize in Nankai Bole news headlines, that means you do is report, is a quality newspaper". Mr Jin Yong's comments I did not think, can be distinguished journalist and senior affirmation, I was overjoyed, the moment has invited Mr. Jin Yong to Tianjin daily reports, the side of the check, Mrs. Lin Leyi lady told me that Mr. Jin Yong had just finished heart surgery, should not be too tired. Who knows before I say, Mr. Jin Yong was very readily agreed, also asked the staff immediately discharged time.

Mr Jin Yong's arrival, it is our daily Tianjin grand festival, the entire 37 storey building for the arrival of the heroes and excited, the whole newspaper has become the world gold powder. A light gray suit Mr before I get off, thanks to hold my hand very politely said: "thank you for inviting me to the president." I accompany the visiting editorial department, printing workshop, advertising company, Mr. very seriously, very happy, asking questions. When the end of the tour, he asked me if I was established in Tianjin and what is the relationship between the Ta Kung Pao Tianjin daily. I report to Mr. said: "we are old, Ta Kung Pao editor from Tianjin daily by the social welfare, the effect should be Ta Kung Pao Pao, inheritance."

Did not think, after hearing the report, Mr. pleased to tell you that Tianjin daily is the first mainland newspaper of his visit, he came to the. Mr. readily accepted our request for a newspaper from the inscription, he write: I started by the Tianjin newspaper Ta Kung Pao, lifelong teaching. Applause, we master 'feelings, as a master to master the modest character, full of sincere applause!

More unexpectedly, he said to me: "your paper do well, also has the opinion, I write a letter for you." He inscribed: a Tianjin star, a Tianjin Star newspaper, Mr Zhang Jianxing and Jin Yong, to the book. This unexpected gift to me, for the encouragement of MR, as Mr plain, as Mr. sincerity, that inexplicable moved me from the bottom of my heart to pay tribute to Mr.. Mr. smiled and looked at me, very gentle and very warm. Mr. gone, I only know that part of the Tianjin star is in the Milky Way stars. I really admire Mr. knowledge and ingenuity, for me to write from the brush will write one or two minutes. This picture is indeed flattering inscription though, I nearly 30 years of newspaper career still honor. Because the inscribed "respect book" two words, I still treasure, did not dare to hang out. Now Mr. gone, to commemorate, but for the master to master's teachings, profound sentiments of friendship, I have to hang up, always receive his encouragement, forever the memory of my beloved master!

Just finished cardiac surgery, Mr. Jin Yong, breath spoke for more than an hour, almost answered all the questions raised by reporters and editors. Mr. told his later news, the most sacred place is real, it is necessary to do the news, more good news supplement supplement, attack, defend. Parting, I gave Mr. Jin Yong a gift is a set of "complete works of Sun Li. I told Mr. Jin Yong, Mr. Sun Li's life in Tianjin daily work, is Mr. Sun Li founded the national influence of Tianjin daily supplement "literary magazine". Mr Jin Yong said: "I love looking at the works, I also love Mr. Sun Li." His words and voices to really sincere to soft, moist jade.

 Figure 3

In May 27, 2001, Jin Yong and the author of a photo.

And Mr. Jin Yong distressed at parting after two years, my classmates to the Tianmen Mountain tourism, asked me to get a picture of Mr. "Tianmen Shan calligraphy". I promise, I beg to inscriptions in the name of the trustee, and that is for tourism projects, there can be some runbi fees, please do not hesitate. Who knows, not only free of charge, but also in the "Tianmenshan Mountain" in the word, to "Tianmen mountain".

It is for many years in the past, an event in Hongkong, I saw coming Sir again, when I had just finished when I was the words "Tianjin daily", Mr immediately very pleased to pick up the words: "I've been to your Tianjin daily, a good newspaper, president Zhang I know you who, he is very enthusiastic, for me to say hello to him!" Listen to this, look at the old but still slightly refined and cultured Mr. Jin Yong, my eyes moist. I held the warm hands and said: "Mr. Zhang, also let me salute you, the Tianjin daily staff wish you happiness, health and longevity." Mr. nodded, thanks to me and refined and courteous, and photo.

 WeChat pictures _20181108203233

Jin Yong is the author. (this photo provided by the Tianjin Daily News Agency)

This is my memory of the master Jin Yong, inadvertently, show style heroes. The master's martial arts world tells us that the world where there are rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes where there is, boss. I think Mr. Jin Yong was serene, because the master must know whether journalists arena, or martial arts arena, he is the boss, the position can not be shaken. His feelings, his evil pettifoggery, his pursuit of justice and truth of the lofty realm, and his great love and the spirit of play, makes him worthy of the title of master.

Its star, pure person. Mr Jin Yong is undoubtedly the noble realm for the state and the people, great swordsman. He died in the past few days, I have been thinking, the chivalrous person meaning what? I think there is a temperature, talk about feelings, really good, very good. Not only for the spirit, and the spirit of it; can not fear the twists and turns, and dare to scratch; fear clouds, torrents yongtui (Mr. announced the creation of the climax last), wide breadth of mind, pattern, we walk the horizon, the indifferent, from the elegant, facing, Shouzhuo arena, the heart of the world.

Breeze hill, the moon shines on the river. The chivalrous person also!

Love you forever, and I salute you, master.


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(commissioning editor Feng Li and Wu Yaxiong)

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