Brush votes too absurd farce (wall flower)

- Han Haoyue

In December 2018 06, 07:18 source: People's Daily Overseas Edition

A platform to do an annual contest, called "2018 voted your favorite writer, had little attention, but because of the two network of red ginseng candidates declared the network administrative micro-blog launched hit vote action, stimulate other competitive candidate selection activities into a brush ticket game.

Since the "Internet voting", the "vote" to become more simple and quick, "sacred vote" is almost all gone, especially the entertainment of the vote in recent years by brush votes naked kidnapping. The candidate who votes more hard, voters brush votes means more sophisticated, makes the event more absurd, "network voting" is approximately equal to the joke.

Look at this "2018 vote for your favorite writer" list of candidates, Mo Yan, Mak such a serious writer, Tang Jiasan, Jiangnan less such network writer, anti Lu Qi position, underpants such feelings as well as writer, was friends known as the "low version of Guo Jingming" Kenny, Shen Yulun and Shen. Digital network such as "strong wind dfgg" writer.

All have some expectations and perceptions of people on the bottom line of writers, literature, writing, will be one of the annual poll this smile. But in the Red Net writers and their fans, the platform provides a not to be missed, do not give up the opportunity, they will not because of this and he won the Nobel prize candidate and writer side by side ashamed, not because the votes far ahead of his blush.

Fan Brush list of the so-called "due", namely the rational use of the rules, the so-called "justice", "the winner is justice", as for what means victory, they don't care. In the opinion of the users know the truth, making brush List Ranking is just a joke, don't take it seriously. But for the fans, although they also know brush out of their own data is false, but addicted to them, like their idols really became a superstar.

The idol fans held high, nor to idol interests, more is to find their own value. The self value based on a within sight but beyond reach of the idol, have a sense of emptiness is inevitable, the only way to fill the emptiness, is the loss of rational thinking and independent judgment thoroughly, a group of the group as a vassal, the noise show the individual muscle strength.

The Chinese is popular on the Internet "brush ticket" theory, computer, mobile phone, brush ticket software provide hardware and technical support, coupled with time and energy and no cap on money, "one person can top ten thousand," create a false "hero" and "music giant", only how many "fans" head "group" in the group action can be achieved.

Until today, open the circle of friends with the WeChat group, the parents of the children in various industries for canvassing, selection of outstanding figures, excellent staff canvassing, canvassing and other school teachers participate in various selection of people emerge in an endless stream, in order to change the top. Understand and do not know who to vote. For a time, people's enthusiasm to vote more than the sum of past times. But canvassing, brush votes did not give people bring fairness and justice, will only aggravate people opportunistic psychological.

The estimated time, brush votes not only will not disappear, while still brush votes would occasionally appear in public. But this farce, to be honest, not really bad.

(commissioning editor: Bai Yu)

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