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Editor's note: he is a television drama "Zhengyang woman" in the small door "Niu Ye", the character appeared, is vice president of united heart foundation; he is also a member of the CPPCC Beijing, Dongcheng District industry and commerce, keen to traditional culture, to inherit; he is gracious "Beijing big eyes of netizens", called "sale by peers people in the old artists"; multiple identities, at the beginning of the heart does not change. He said: "a man's heart is, is a natural scene". He also has a wish: hope we can do "rich", "rich" in the hearts of intact, "expensive" in helpful. "Little woman" in Zhengyang under the door received by the audience when reporters follow together into the total producer Hao Jinming off screen life.

Winter hours, a neat jeans, wearing a vest in the collocation of old Beijing, full of culture is Yunxuan private museum, shrewd Hao Jinming accepted an interview with "A good time, art is no threshold", the old man talking about art, dancing, shine; "heart should become a lifetime background", when it comes to life, his high pitched voice, awe-inspiring righteousness. In the reporter's eyes, the standard of the capital at this time is more like a tough guy, good at giving systematic guidance tutor, language plain, full of feelings.

"My image is to bring people a bright" "Zhengyang a young woman" are you following the "Zhengyang door" "Zhengyang series" 2 "Beijing style drama", why would think named "Zhengyang"?

Hao Jinming: Zhengyang cultural symbol of Beijing, also witnessed the changes of the times. Since ancient times, Beijing as the capital, attract visitors, forming a cultural attribute of inclusive. This tolerance is the excellent culture of people of all ethnic groups gathered from the Chinese culture is concentrated.

When the alley cries, morning uncle hum ditty Liudiao, and opera drum sound of the collision, are loaded with my growing memory and love. Will their experience into the script creation, I think through the image retention, reflect the city's original belongs to pure culture. "Zhengyang" is Beijing culture, people here will occur in the story, to artistic presentation, through the two degree "processing", to show the world China traces the history of culture. My heart has always had a wish, hope that their own experience of yesterday, as young children experience today. writing process, to how you feel?

Hao Jinming: "little woman" in Zhengyang under the door play many scenes involving the old Beijing courtyard, alley, these need field shooting scenes after tens of years of development, has become a lot of tourist attractions, some even have already taken. Can not meet the real shooting situation, we began to try to take their own view. To find suitable set of studio, identification of the flea market old objects, these challenges and will change our original shooting schedule was delayed for more than a month. But these are also the difficult moment, inspire the morale of the team and the potential formation of this drama "the soul of energy". My image is to bring people a bright, this is my heart and my social responsibility.

(Hao Jinming corner career photo wall) "little woman" in Zhengyang under the door by the audience favorite, in the artistic creation, what is your plan?

Hao Jinming: I hope that the continuation of the "Zhengyang drama series", in the next work, I hope to show more young people's story. The ideal of youth, struggle is the source of national development, reform and opening up has been 40 years, once struggling a generation have time to shift their children, that is "two rich generation" can carry social responsibility? Their thoughts and actions can be what kind of? Their energy can help to society? These people's thought and behavior will influence the future social style, I want to show on the screen, their stories of mining. The creators of the art of thinking must be ahead of the audience, the film not only consider the anticipation effect on the market, but also on the social value of extension.

Hope that through the next generation of the positive energy of the great rejuvenation of the youth role, arouse more power to boost the country's youth, I plan to make the "gate of Zhengyang" third "of the 70th anniversary play catch tribute".

(in small, commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong)

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